Theater, Media, and Dance Concentration at Harvard

It has been about two years that Theater, Media, and Dance have been a concentration at Harvard, housed in Farkas Hall (named for alum Andrew Farkas). Even though this program is so new, there has been a lot of positive feedback. Many of the concentrators have had great things to say about it. It is still a small program with only 21 concentrators now, but the small size seems to be a positive thing right now. The concentrators are happy with the attention they can receive in such a small group.
According to one of the TMD concentrators, Julia E. Belanoff, “It is a wonderful experience in a small department, and I love getting a lot of individual attention.” Another student, Sam A. Hagen also commented, “The most exciting part of the TDM concentration is the attention, energy, and resources that are being directed toward continuing to improve the program.” The University president, Drew G. Faust, also expresses her support for this concentration, as she provided $5 million in seed funding to start the program.
There are a few of the concentrators that commented that sometimes it is hard to strike a balance between their other academics and the TMD program, but this is something that can be worked through between the students and teachers. Also, since this department is so new, they have never had to address the issue of coming up with a thesis for TMD. The students and staff are working to find a good balance between what the staff wants, what they need, and what the students are passionate about. While working together, they should be able to come up with a great solution for this.
Overall, the TDM students have expressed positive comments, as they have been enjoying the individual attention, enthusiasm, and energy in the department. Students have expressed that they love having another concentration to choose from. It seems this is turning out to be a great opportunity for the students and staff, and they look forward to what’s to come.