How Does One Become An Art Collector In Miami?

Becoming an art collector in Miami is merely a function of wealth against taste. Art collectors come from all walks of life, and the George Lindemann Miami art community is quite large. There are quite a few family collections in the city, and there are small galleries that allow younger investors to find their own art. This article paints a picture of how to become an art collector in Miami with the newest creations the art community has to offer.

#1: Young Art Collectors May Start At Small Galleries

There are fine art galleries in the Design District, and there are small galleries such as Wynwood Walls and Primary Projects. The smallest galleries have art that young investors may afford, and the artwork purchased in each gallery may begin a family collection that may be presented at Art Basel on day. The young investor must choose a small gallery in Miami to become a patron of, and they must come back often to work with the gallery owner on proper art collecting techniques.

#2: Art Basel Is A Portal To Collecting

Young collectors may come to Art Basel to learn how family galleries and collections are constructed. Family collections such as the Marguiles and Rubell are shown every year at Art Basel, and the Art Basel community will welcome in new investors. Young investors will view collections that are quite varied, and the investors will learn how to bring their collections to the festival one day in the future.

#3: Why Is Miami An Artist’s Paradise?

Miami has become an artist’s paradise due to the wealthy investors who have moved to the area. Wealthy Americans are moving to Miami because Florida does not charge income taxes, and the state is filled with sunshine nearly every day of the year. Artists may move close to the collectors who purchase their art most often, and artists will sit close to where Art Basel takes place every year.

#4: Young Professionals Prefer Miami

Miami has become an excellent place for artists and art collectors because young professionals prefer the city. Miami is a city anyone would love to live in, and there are quite a few jobs for young professionals on the move. Artists are merely moving to the place where the most investors are located.

Investors who are collecting art have taken over the Miami art scene, and young investors have done the same. Wealth management through art collection is one of the simplest forms of investment out there.


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