Miami: The Soul Of Art And The Apple Of The Eye

For the avid art connoisseur, art is a desire built within their very DNA. For the artist, art is a quest to create and quench the desire to break through boundaries. Art is how we express our deepest, innermost and often subconscious emotions and experiences. Whether you’re the artist, or the art-lover, it is in the creating or the hanging of a purchased painting that allows the freedom to release our views of humanity, the world, and the whole gamut of energy that flows through it all, both good and bad. Art is our attempt at leaving a piece of us behind when we leave this realm. Something that says, “I was here!” “I loved this!” and “my art is me and I am my art… remember me!”

With the sheer explosion of emotion going into the creation of art, each piece contains the energy with which it was created. The art-lover studies each of the pieces very carefully, looking at them, drinking them in, and feeling them with their souls. They’ll do this until that familiar love-at-first-sight feeling swims through their veins. They are gravitated to a certain work of art and the art will inevitably go home with them. A tremendous amount of detailed thought will yield a decision as to where the new addition will be placed. To an art collector, art collecting is no small matter. Each piece collected is deeply meaningful and tremendously loved. It’ll be how generations after them will reflect upon the life they lived, what they loved, how they loved, who they loved and what set their soul on fire!

One of the most passionate places that honor art faithfully, is Miami. In Miami, you’re sure to find both breathtaking art and breathless collectors. Among the many captivated art lovers gazing through the galleries of Miami, frequently seen are high-profile celebrities such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Jay-Z, BeyoncĂ©, Tobey Maguire, George Lindemann and Brad Pitt, who himself, is an avid Deco furniture collector, as well. Two of DiCaprio’s favorite places are the Art Basel and the Brant Foundation, where he spends much time soaking in the fruitful creations on display. The favored gallery of Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Lindemann is the Art Basel, where they seek the amazing pieces by well-known street artist, Hebru Brantley.

You can see how art permeates the Miami in a mighty way, and it’s no wonder that that A-list actors, pop-artists, billionaires and millionaires all gather here to admire all it offers. There’s no other place providing the variety of artwork like Miami does, for many are convinced that the very essence, indeed the very soul of art, is contained within its borders.