Miami Has Lovely Places to Live And Visit For Art Enthusiasts

Miami is a beautiful and sunny paradise that has built a reputation in the modern age around art and design. The art and design community is quite large as Miami brings about the Basel art festival, the Design District and private art collectors the world over. This article explains how art enthusiasts come to Miami to bask in the beauty of the city and its finest artists.

#1: The Design District

The Miami Design District is a beautiful place to visit for boutique clothing, art galleries and a shopping center. It has hosted North American movie openings, and the District is featured in TV and movies the world over. Celebrities are often spotted walking through as they do a spot of shopping, and the District is a beautiful for denizens of the city to visit.

#2: Who Passes Through The City?

Celebrities of all shapes and sizes find their way to Miami for the Basel art expo and to collect. Karl Lagerfeld has purchased art in the city, and Leonardo DiCaprio and George Lindemann has been to the city for the expo in the past. Latina actress Bella Thorne visits the city often, and she partakes in the art community often. She wishes to support those who are artists as she is, and she posts often on social media to support artists she finds.

#3: Basel Art Expo

The Basel art expo is an incredible collection of art and beauty from around the Miami area, and the festival brings out every celebrity imaginable. The festival was featured in a James Bond movie, and it has become a part of the world celebrity calendar. The party in the city is so large that it cannot be missed, and the city makes quite an event out of the expo. Anyone who wishes to purchase or collect art may find what they are looking for at the festival.

#4: Why Is Collecting Wise?

Art collecting is a wise business decision for the wealthy, and the art pieces may be sold in the future for a tidy profit. The art in itself is beautiful, and it brings an aesthetic to the home that cannot be found anywhere else.

Art collectors in Miami have quite a few opportunities to build their collections, and celebrities visit the city knowing they may purchase fine art. The city is a vacation destination that doubles as a hub for the collection of fine art.


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