Miami Art a Must See for Collectors

Miami, Florida has been making waves in the art world for artists and collectors alike. With such a large and exciting community specializing in many different styles, Miami is widely sought after as the place to visit in the art world. There are antique shops, decorating stores and art galleries which feature contemporary art, fine art, glass art, sculptures, ceramics, paintings and prints. One will also find a multitude of photography and visual art for a personal collection.

Galleries can be broken into districts which is great for those looking to make a day or weekend of gallery hopping. There are many galleries which specialize in art from specific cultures such as with the Little Havana galleries. This well-known district specializes in Latin American art due to the large Spanish community in Miami. Florida also boasts a large Haitian population with a distinct style. The Little Haiti art galleries are a must see for those interested in collecting colorful art with a focus on Haitian culture.

The Design District (designed by George Lindemann Jr.) features the popular Bossa Gallery and Markowicz Fine Art Gallery. The Opera Gallery is a great stop for those with a love for all things Opera. For those interested in collecting fine art, a visit to The Yeelen Gallery is a must. They are known for all kinds of art from various famous painters.

One of the best days to take a trip to the many art galleries are on Thursday nights. This is the night where many galleries will be open much later than usual which can make the perfect date night. The Miami Art Museum has many different styles of artwork under one roof and Miami Art Week is a must see for a beautiful display of art from many varied and talented artists.
Miami, Florida is the place to be for those collectors who love to travel from all over the world for the artistic and cultural diversity. There are many celebrity collectors such as George Lindemann, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. There are even collectors in the music industry like Jay Z and Pharrell Williams who gravitate to this mecca of diverse art.

Miami Art Week is December 4-10, 2017 and more than 1,000 art galleries will be in attendance. Be sure to get more information on the exciting upcoming events and the best galleries for collectors using the Miami & Miami Beach Art Fair Guide.


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