What Collectors Look For in Paintings

Miami didn’t become an art nirvana overnight. Instead it took years of investing and opportunity. Miami became an art destination due to the diligence of private and public collectors like George Lindemann in the area. Growth in that category led to yearly art events that attracted even more attention to the world. Popular collectors are Craig Robins, Donald and Mera Rubell and art dealer Gary Nader. Their criteria for collecting art is a good template for beginners and intermediates. Even without millions in cash, maintaining a good collection is easier today than it was in the past.

The Craig Robins Collection in Dacra

Craig Robins is the owner of the Craig Robins Collection. Some names in the collection are Marlene Dumas, Huang Yong Ping and John Baldessari. Beginner collectors should take queues from how the collection works in a home environment. As a real estate mogul, most of the collection ends up in Dacra properties. What’s leftover goes to museums and cultural institutions for the public. Beginner collectors should take note with how a piece of art changes a room. When going for a certain atmosphere, paintings do make a difference. For reference, the Craig Robins Collection has wide shot pictures online. This is a perfect way to show the effect of the painting on a room.

The Rubell Family Collection

Donald and Mera Rubell turned a DEA warehouse into the premiere Rubell Family Collection. The couple started their hobby in collecting during the 1960’s in New York. This early collecting shaped their experiences into something special. Most of the popular art from their collection is from prominent New York artists. David Wojnarowicz, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat are some notable names. The key here for beginning collectors is that the Rubell’s knew these artists before they hit it big. Remember, all popular artists started somewhere. This is why local paintings are important for any beginning collector.

Gary Nader

Art dealer Gary Nader is also an avid collector, with a love for Latin American art. Part of his private collection celebrates the culture with some marvelous pieces through time. Finding an interest in another culture is a great way to locate specific art pieces. Some of the more prominent British paintings through history are still affordable.

Information for Any Collection

The one thing all collectors have in common is that they diversify their collection. While there is a central theme in use, it’s all about collecting beautiful works of art from all walks of life.


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