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Where Art Collectors Look for Art to Buy in Miami

Art Basel attracts hordes of popular faces. Collectors like Madonna, George Lindemann Jr., Adrien Brody, Brett Rattner, and Leonardo DiCaprio have been spotted at art galleries and events.

The Art Of Collecting Art in Miami

Art collecting is one of George Lindemann’s most expensive hobbies. It is also one of the most rewarding hobbies for many others. For some, however, art collecting isn’t just a mere hobby, but a full blown lifestyle!

The Types of Art You May Buy In Miami

The art that is purchased in Miami often comes from a place where the artist is new and growing. They are attempting to build their brand, and they wish to sell to the greatest celebrities in the world like George Lindemann.

Hasty Pudding Club Man of the Year

The Hasty man of the year in 2017 will be the one and only Ryan Reynolds. He is an actor…

Up and Coming Artists from the United Arab Emirates

He loves to travel by foot. He uses items found along the way to artistically journal his visions. He lives in Khor Fakkan, Sharjah. His work was included in a group show at “Here and Elsewhere” at the New Museum. Al Saadi has worked with Sharif and other supporters to promote Emirati based art associations.

Top Commercial Real Estate Developers in New York City

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Miami Has Lovely Places to Live And Visit For Art Enthusiasts

Miami is a beautiful and sunny paradise that has built a reputation in the modern age around art and design….

Harvard Alum Gives Back to The Hasty Pudding Club

For many people the time they spend in college is some of the most meaningful and impactful years of their…

What Collectors Look For in Paintings

Miami didn’t become an art nirvana overnight. Instead it took years of investing and opportunity. Miami became an art destination…

Real Estate Deals in the Big Apple

Andrew Farkas finally has a footing in New York City after his latest deal. It is after NAI Global, linked…

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