The Art Of Collecting Art in Miami

Art collecting is one of George Lindemann’s most expensive hobbies. It is also one of the most rewarding hobbies for many others. For some, however, art collecting isn’t just a mere hobby, but a full blown lifestyle! If you are thinking about art collecting, then you should be ready to embark on a very self-fulling adventure. Art collecting can also be a pretty profitable endeavor. What’s great about art collecting is that there is a very broad variety of arts to be collected. From African Arts and Vintage Poster Art to Fine Arts and Digital/Computer Art. Going to art galleries and fairs will help you determine the style of art best fits your taste.

One of the largest art festivals is, Art Miami, held annually in December and attracts over 82,000 collectors and art enthusiasts abroad. Miami is well known for its large Arts & Entertainment district. If you plan on collecting in Miami, then be prepared to be in a large and competitive market. Names to be familiar with in Miami would be Martin Margulies and The Rubell Family Collection. Mr. Margulies and RFC are both collectors of contemporary art. Mr. Margulies also has a vast collection of photography. It is good to know the other collectors in your area and what styles they collect.

Get to know some of the artists in the area too. Miami has a wide range of artists who all have their own special niche. Cheryl Maeder is a visual artist who has a new never-before-seen interactive installation called, “Les Copines”, Awakening, Photograph & Video Installation, 1/5”, that is truly ground breaking. Carlos Betancourt is a contemporary artist that is an award winning Miami favorite.

You may not have heard of the previous collectors mentioned, but there are quite a few celebrities that are known collectors too. Jay-Z references his art collecting in multiple songs of his. Leonardo DiCaprio bought an unfinished painting by Takashi Murakami for $700,000. A real shocker might be hip-hop’s Pharrell Williams’ impressive contemporary collection.

Art collecting has been around for ages, and is a very rewarding past-time hobby. Be sure to set a budget for your collecting so that you don’t end up missing out on pieces you need. Have fun with collecting and do your research before making purchases.


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