Annual Gala of American Repertory Theater Is World-Class

A host of great things have been coming from the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) since its initial inception back in 1980. This year, 2017, the annual gala once again took place in Boston, Massachusetts, at the Boch Center Wang Theatre. It was a great gathering with almost 500 people from throughout the country converging in order to continue to support and promote the non-profit which Robert Brustein envisioned as a way for American plays and similar creations to get the attention that they deserved. $1.3 million raised just this year is certainly evidence that there are a lot of people who also believe in the work being done there.

Diane Paulus has been the artistic director for about nine years now, and she continues to converge on the latest world-class productions to the point that she has received numerous awards including a spot on TIME Magazine’s listing of the 100 most influential people in the world. She says that the boundaries of theater are continuing to be broken by all of the collaboration and support given.

Some other big names in the industry also made an appearance at this American Repertory Theater gala. This included Laura Michelle Kelly who gave some entertainment as she took a short hiatus from her The King and I national tour. She also is continuing to draw crowds at Finding Neverland at A.R.T. and on Broadway. Her accomplice at providing entertainment for the night was Michael Luwoye who is making his own big splash at Hamilton and Witness Uganda at A.R.T. and Off-Broadway. A student at Josiah Quincy Upper School from A.R.T.’s Proclamation Project by the name of Wilder Cerrate also joined them in the effort to raise money and awareness throughout. Co-chairs of the evening included Barbara and Amos Hotsetter, Sara Campbell, Andrew Farkas, Ernie Boch Jr. and more.

One of the most influential names at the A.R.T. organization was honored. Roann Costin has been a board member who people like Diane Paulus recognize as being very important in shaping the work and direction of the foundation. This is great work that continues to involve the over 5,000 community members and students who are able to join in on some of the partnerships and projects. It is a model which continues to be an example for others in the industry who wish to transform their own local regions into places of excellence. The gala is held each year and great things can be expected next year after everyone enjoys another great season of groundbreaking productions.